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Friday, July 1, 2011

More Sharply Focused Marketing Thrust

Are you so hooked on your mobile phone that it has become your alter ego? Yet you value your privacy? Well you will soon have to take a call on which you value more. Mobile marketing Myrtle Beach is all set to take over your privacy in a big way. Geo-location is ready to take advertising to the next level. A whole new world of possibilities for marketers is opening. That is because the mobile phone is fast becoming the up-close-and-personal marketing medium.

The power of knowing what you want and where to find you is indisputable. The technology to combine a person’s location within a few meters at any given time with which websites or mobile applications have been visited on their smartphone’s browser will come embedded. Mobile marketing Myrtle Beach will be able to make smart offers depending on your geo-location and what outlets are close to you. This will automatically save us from a lot of irrelevant marketing messages which only serve to irritate one. Few things can be more irritating than being bombarded with offers related to what cannot possibly interest one. This way mobile marketing Myrtle Beach will be able to link local businesses to mobile advertising.

This new found sharpness of marketing efforts would extend also to email marketing Myrtle Beach. The technique of grouping people according to their browsing behavior, behavioral targeting, is already an established practice on the internet. Consumer profiles based on purchase patterns are sold to advertisers who match their needs with their marketing messages though the user’s identity is never revealed.

Like the opt-in and opt out options that email advertisers have to offer the recipients, businesses are now required to ask mobile phone users if they will consent to their ‘current location’ being used. That acceptance gives the company permission to track you and serve messages, some of which may be from third parties. From a legal perspective you are now in a business ‘relationship’. So this would be a good time to invest in email marketing Myrtle Beach to sharpen the focus of your marketing thrust.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

QR Codes – The New Marketing Strategy

QR codes are quick response codes and are defined as non-invasive pull media. They can be further defined as a hypertext link that is print based. Currently the most important role of these codes is to help those with smart phones to get access to information from around the world. These codes really help consumers to connect with those who are providing products and services that interest them. This code has become extremely popular in the marketing world and those who have smart phones with the application of scanning bar codes can enjoy its benefits. Now what does a QR code do?

The function of these codes is very simple. For example, let’s say you’re walking down the street and you happen to see a QR Code on a banner, poster, etc for a new movie coming out. It says to scan the QR code now to buy tickets. Now, if you have a smart phone that can scan QR codes then all you have to do is scan the barcode on the poster with your phone and your cell phone will immediately take you to the theatre’s website. You can then instantly buy your tickets.

QR codes are a step forward in the marketing world. This code saves the consumer a lot of time and effort and browsing through the needed website becomes easier. You are not going to have a laptop and internet with you all the time. If you have a smart phone with this function then you can access information anytime anywhere in the easiest way possible. This code works as a hyperlink that can be scanned rather than typing the website address.

How are you going to make use of the technology of QR codes? This is very simple and there are two essential components for using this code. First, you need to create a code for your product or service that you want to market. Then comes the reading and scanning of the code you have created for your product or service. To create a code you can use many of the available on line resources. Many websites online can generate these codes automatically. All you need to do is go to a website, create, and fill the information where you want your code to point.

After this, the only thing that remains is the audience reading your QR codes. As of now, this new marketing trait is only catching up and not everyone is aware of it. In addition, another drawback is that not all phones have this application. It is usually not possible for basic phones to have the function of scanning bar codes. Primarily only smart phones and technologically advanced phones have this application. If the clients understand why and for what the code is, only then will they scan it. Make sure you add a tag saying “scan this” so that people understand.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Optimize Your SEO with These Quick Tips

Over the last decade the main thrust of marketing efforts has shifted to the web. Now with Web.2 bringing ever more sophisticated technology to your service, it makes sense to take greater advantage of SEO services Charleston. Does your website only announce your existence to the world? Is the architecture of the site cluttered with a lot flash images and sliders? Then the chances are that it does not get picked up by search engines in the way it should to drive traffic to your site. And whatever traffic does come sees a lot of moving images and little arresting static text to bother to read on or at least find out whether you are promoting a social cause or selling some product/s or services. Effective SEO Charleston will enable your potential customers/clients/patrons to come to your site rather than visit your competitor.

How often does it happen that someone gets your url from some happy and satisfied customer and then is disappointed to find that site does not inform about critical issues that would help in clinching a decision to try out your products or services? There are any numbers of sites on the web which could benefit from SEO services Charleston. This could be because there are not enough calls to action on the site itself. It could be complicated architecture which hinders the visitor to your site. There are many providers of SEO services Charleston who would be able to advise you on the correct web design to promote your business. In addition SEO Charleston would be able to ensure that the static text on the various pages have the correct keyword density and are have the right meta tags for search engines to pick up your url faster and ensure sufficient prominence in the listing.

Remember the higher up your site is listed on search engine results, the better your chances of prospective customers clicking on your page. So don’t wait just make the most of SEO Charleston.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Get Search Engine Friendly with These Unique Services

SEO services Myrtle Beach can help you create number crunching marketing copy and blend it with smart SEO to make your website competitive in terms of search engine friendliness. SEO Myrtle Beach will give you the guidance your business needs to make it to the top of search engine listings. So build a powerful online brand for your business to help you connect with the world and your own backyard.

The web based business world is so glamorized by connectivity to the entire globe that they often neglect their own backyard. And quite honestly for many kinds of businesses the bulk of the clientele is to be found in the geographic area of operation; which makes SEO Myrtle Beach all that much more effective. Local search listings have to be optimized to drive traffic to your website and from there to your doorstep. SEO services Myrtle Beach will enable your business to improve keyword search and recognition to bring unique traffic to your website.

Why is optimizing keyword search so important for your business? The answer is simple. Unless the static text of your website has a sufficiency of keyword density, it will not rank high on search engine listings. SEO services Myrtle Beach will advise you on the desirable keyword density for marketing and/or descriptive text of the site to achieve the kind of listing or ranking which will make your business a highly visible site. SEO Myrtle Beach will be able to inform you on the search volume of the keywords relevant to your line of business. This information will give you an insight on the business potential for your line of products or services through online marketing.

Making your site search engine friendly is a multi-pronged effort. An area often neglected while developing and maintaining a website is the strategic usage of meta tags. Advance use of meta tags helps direct consumers interested in your product/s or service/s to your site and presumably to your store/office.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mobile Marketing – A Critical Component of Media

Mobile Marketing has become a very important part of media-communications and today, it is among the first means for marketing new campaigns. The reasoning behind this is that cell phone offers are very engaging for consumers and leads to a quick response from their side to you. This helps the brands to increase their proximity with the consumers and marketing through mobile is very effective for your products. This type of marketing has come up as a very good alternative for the old and traditional methods of marketing. It is faster and very effective. As this type of marketing is becoming popular, the other means are slowly diminishing.

If you want to be successful at mobile marketing then you need to consider the following tips:

1) Making your marketing message fun: A cell phone is used as a productive tool for communication as well as entertainment, i.e. means via sms or media messages one can do advertising on the mobile phone medium. The message that you send out to users must make them reply to your message urgently or must at least grab their attention. Your message should be entertaining and worth reading. People use their cell phones constantly regardless of whether or not they are preoccupied with something else.

2) Mobiles are personal: Mobile phones help people to connect instantly with people. This connection goes well beyond the wire lines and goes even beyond the internet. Technology has made it very easy for consumers to keep in touch with their friends, family, colleagues etc through SMS(texts), calls, web and other applications. Today mobile phones are even used for banking, shopping, games and a variety of other applications. Hence it is important that you make your mobile marketing strategy engaging, personal and relevant for the customer.

3) Giving incentives: If you give the right incentives, your consumers will then be more attracted to your product. You can use incentives such as free offers, coupons, and more. Another strategy for mobile marketing is to offer things to people on your SMS lists exclusively, so they feel “special,” and part of an “elite” group. These are just a few ideas of the different kinds of incentives you can use to keep your customers coming back and to help spread the word about your business.

4) The right target: Targeting to the right consumers for your product is also important. It does not make sense to market your product to every person on the list. Selection of customers depends on the product or service you are marketing. For example, a message regarding a spa treatment may not please everyone. Targeting your audience is very important in marketing. Even if it is a short list of consumers, it still makes more sense to have separate lists for different types of services you offer, rather than sending everyone the same offer.

If you follow these mobile marketing strategies, you will surely start to see some good benefits as a result.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are You Connecting With Your Customers Through Social Media?

Social Media is taking the world on by storm. A few years ago, many people had never heard about social media and did not even know that something like on the web can exist. A phenomenon evolved gradually, affecting every bit of lives along the way. Today, the situation is such that we cannot live without social media. Be it work, professional life, personal life or even something that is intimate, everything and everyone is on social media. Every brand today wants a social media presence. Many claim it to be a medium through which they can reach out and interact with their customers on a personal level. However, earlier social media was not thought of as something that could go beyond the personal reach.

Slowly and gradually, brands, corporate etc. have realized its power and therefore, everyone is into social media marketing. Customers are met, pursued and persuaded through this platform.

Maintaining a customer is very important because find a new one is a much more daunting task. So when you miss a potential customer by not connecting with him through social media, you may also miss a current customer because he/she will not find you on social media, where they spend a lot of their time.

The emergence of Social Media Marketing gives marketers an opportunity by which they could make a relevant, high impact, and long lasting relationship with the customer. The early bird catches its food first and those who come late go home hungry, The scenario in Social Media Marketing is somewhat the same. There many companies and brands already present on Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot & various others. You will want to be sure your company is not left behind.

Now, let us discuss what all you can do by being present on Social Media Marketing platforms. You can have first hand interaction with your target audience which would help you understand market perception of your brand. This would help improve your offerings, advertisements, etc. and keep them posted with latest happenings, updates and many other things. Suppose your company is already on Facebook and your current customer or potential customer likes your page. Instantly all of his friends would get an update about how he liked your page. This could generate their interest to check out your page, which could then result in them ultimately liking your page as well. The word of mouth effect would come into full action, and the cycle would then repeat itself. The potential new customers would then get updates about your new products, discount offers, advertisements, or anything you happened to post to your page. They would also be able to post their feedback on your wall. The connection you make this way is more precious because you can instantly know your what your customers feel about something you post based on their responses on your wall.

Besides Facebook, other popular social media platforms include Twitter (a micro blogging web site which allows people to “follow” a certain person, brand, etc. and exchange messages back and forth), BlogSpot (another blogging web site similar to Twitter, but they will keep you keep updated with full fledge blogs which are much more elaborate in nature and can have pictures in them), YouTube (which you can connect through videos, both posting your own, and commenting on others), and more. Being present on social media is very important in today’s world. And if you still don’t understand the concepts involved, there are plenty of professional companies who understand Social Media Marketing completely, and would be able to lend you a helping hand.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Social Media Really Just A “Fad?

500+ Million users on Facebook alone can’t just be part of a fad, now can they? Believe it or not, Social Media is here to stay. Here is a really interesting video showcasing the “Social Media Revolution.” Have a look for yourself and see how this changes your thoughts on Social Media. If you’re not already utilizing it in your business now, I bet it really opens your eyes as to what you’ve been missing out on.